Josuma Coffee Company

Founded in 1992, Josuma Coffee Company is one of the few coffee companies offering both green and roasted coffee beans.

Josuma’s roasted coffee segment centers on Malabar Gold® Espresso. Called “one of the greatest espresso blends on the planet” (by and “Best. Espresso. Ever.” (by Food Channel), Malabar Gold® has developed a cult following for its sweetness and abundant crema.

Our green coffee operations focus exclusively on India, an origin that is under-appreciated by most Americans despite being the sixth-largest producer of coffee beans. Our 20+ years of working with the leading estates in India have established us as The Authority on Indian Coffee.


Josuma’s flagship product is Malabar Gold® Espresso, a light-roasted, Northern Italian-style, low-acid blend that produces a sweet, full-bodied espresso with rich, velvety crema. We supply Malabar Gold® to coffee houses in 15+ states and to homes/offices throughout the US.

We also roast some of our Direct Trade Indian coffees including Monsooned Malabar (sold as Monsoon Medley®), the lowest-acid coffee in the world, and Mysore Mystic®, a balanced, single-estate coffee with fruit and spice notes that are uniquely Indian.

Minimum order size: Ten pounds (cafes/retailers) and two or five pounds (home/office).


Josuma imports green coffee under the trade name Josuma Select®, for distribution to  wholesale roasters and roaster/retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Beans include single estate washed Arabica, some of the world’s highest-quality Robusta, and India-exclusive monsooned coffees.

We also offer a green, ready-to-roast version of Malabar Gold®, our proprietary espresso blend.

We do not import any commercial-grade coffees.

Minimum order size: One bag.