Josuma Coffee Company

Josuma Coffee Company

Josuma Coffee Company is an importer, distributor, and roaster of specialty coffees from India. Our 20+ years of working with the leading estates in India have established us as the US authority on Indian coffee.

Josuma offers only the top grades from India’s premier coffee estates. We sell both green and roasted Indian coffees, including green and roasted versions of Malabar Gold®, our flagship espresso blend. This highly-regarded espresso blend is notable for its smooth, rich flavor, ample body, and velvety crema.

India has long been an underappreciated coffee origin among North Americans, despite its ranking as the sixth largest coffee producer in the world. Through our longstanding connections with India’s coffee-growing community, we are committed to raising awareness of Indian coffee among U.S. importers, roasters, and retailers. 

Wholesale (to coffee retailers and roasters) is our primary focus.  We also offer bulk quantities (i.e. five pounds) to individuals. We do not currently offer traditional retail quantities (i.e. single one pound or 12 ounce bags).

To learn more about Josuma Coffee Company or to find out how to purchase our coffee, please visit the About Josuma page.