Josuma Select®

All of Josuma’s green, unroasted coffees from India are marketed in North America under the trade name Josuma Select®.

Estate owners in India have to grow, pick, and process their coffees to exacting standards set by Josuma before they can earn the Josuma Select® label.  Less than 0.1 percent of India’s coffee qualifies each year. Once an estate in India agrees to work with Josuma, it typically takes three years before the quality upgrades meet with Josuma’s approval.


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We print the Josuma Select® mark on the outside of each bag of that Josuma sells directly as well as those that brokers re-sell on our behalf. Look for this mark to confirm that the beans inside meet Josuma’s exacting standards.

Josuma Select® Logo is printed on all bags of Josuma green coffee.

Josuma Select® Logo is printed on all bags of Josuma green coffee.

All green coffees that we sell are double bagged, with an outer bag featuring the Josuma Select® logo and coffee descriptions and an inner bag that often is bereft of any printing at all. In addition to protecting the coffee beans throughout the handling process, double bagging  helps prevent the beans from drying out during the many months of storage before roasting.

All of Josuma’s green samples are of very high prep standards, similar to Euro-prep. Because of this uniformity in preparation, growth, sorting, and overall cup characteristics, Josuma’s beans roast with very good development, with a decided first crack and linear second crack, and feature nice finishes and hearty aromas that foretell strong cups.

HOW TO BUY:  Call (650-366-5453) or email.  Review our Purchasing Green Coffee FAQs to learn how we handle green coffee transactions.

SAMPLES:  We encourage Wholesale Roasters and Roaster/Retailers to start with a two-pound Josuma Select® Sampler. Visit our Green Coffee Samples page for more details.