About Josuma Coffee Company


Founded in 1992, Josuma Coffee Company is a family-owned operation started by Dr. Joseph John and his wife, Urmila.  They combined excellent connections among prominent Indian coffee growers and considerable business experience in the US to establish Josuma as The Authority on Indian Coffee.

Dr. John holds both a doctorate in nuclear physics and an MBA. He functions as Josuma’s resident coffee expert and as the public face of Josuma. He is the creator of Malabar Gold® Espresso, the company’s flagship product, and engineered it in the stereotypical Silicon Valley way (i.e. working out of his garage).

Dr. John writes and teaches extensively about espresso extraction and blending. His approach adds a much needed scientific rigor to the art of espresso. (Visit our Espresso Education section to learn more.)

Mrs. John, who has a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s in political science, and an MBA, manages the company’s internal operations.
Mail: Josuma Coffee Company P.O. Box 1115 Menlo Park, CA 94026
Phone: (650) 366-5453
E-Mail: info@josuma.com

Josuma Select, Malabar Gold, Monsoon Medley, and Mysore Mystic are registered ® trademarks of Josuma Coffee Company.