Educational Resources on Espresso

One of our primary missions is to educate both coffee house owners and consumers about the myriad elements that go into blending, roasting, and preparing a quality espresso. It is both difficult and labor-intensive, requiring equal parts knowledge, patience, and attention to detail. Perhaps that’s why most American consumers have never tasted a good, sweet espresso- and why Malabar Gold Espresso, our flagship product, has such a cult following.

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Dr. Joseph John, President and founder of Josuma Coffee Company, writes and teaches extensively about espresso extraction and espresso blending. Many in the coffee industry view Dr. John, a former nuclear physicist, as one of its foremost authorities on espresso.

Fresh Cup Profile of Dr John (PDF)

Food Channel interviews Dr John at the Fancy Food Show (video)

What most people find from reading Dr John’s articles and/or attending his talks is that he offers a very distinct point of view on espresso extraction and blending.  He also brings a rare (and some would say, much-needed) scientific rigor to many aspects of coffee and espresso.

Dr. John also lectures regularly on these subjects.  If you’ve ever attended a Coffee Fest trade show, you may have sat in on one of his talks (“Espresso and Coffee: More Different than You Think” and “Blending for an Italian Espresso”), both of which are among the most popular workshops at the show.