Current Extraction Parameters

Want to replicate the sweet, full-bodied espresso that you’ve experienced at our booth?

Below are the extraction parameters we used at our most recent shows.  Use these as your starting points.

  • DOSE:  18-20 grams
  • EXTRACTION TIME:  27-30 seconds
  • YIELD:  30-35 grams (~1.5 fluid ounces, including crema)
  • BREW BOILER TEMP:  203-205F
  • PUMP PRESSURE:  9 bars
  • DAYS RESTED:  5+ days

Additional Notes:

1. Due to low bean density, we often use a triple basket (21g) even though we’re serving a double shot.

2. Due (again) to the low bean density, expect to need a MUCH FINER GRIND SETTING than what you’re using for your current espresso blend.

3. Our brew temperature is MUCH HIGHER than that of other espresso blends.  At the lower temperatures recommended for other blends, Malabar Gold Espresso will typically taste sour. The temperature cited above is what we use with our base set-up (La Marzocco GB/5, Mazzer flat burr grinder, and spring water). The exact temperature that’s ideal for your set-up may be different but will likely be higher than what you use for your previous espresso blend.  To locate the ideal temperature for your set-up, the best approach is to find the low temperature that produces sour espresso and then raise it until the sourness disappears and sweet/bittersweet notes appear.

4. The beans are typically at their best 10-14 days after roast.