Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade and AA Grade

As the color changes from bright green to pale gold, the monsooned beans look more like peanuts.

As the color changes from bright green to pale gold, the monsooned beans look more like peanuts.

Working with the people who custom monsoon Josuma’s coffees, we have found a way to isolate the fully monsooned beans for a Super Grade of monsooned coffee. This is an important detail, because many monsooned coffees are only partially-monsooned due to the irregular length of the monsoon season. Josuma separates its fully-monsooned beans from its partially-monsooned beans, selling the former as AA Super Grade.  The standard AA Grade, in contrast, includes both fully- and partially-monsooned beans. These green coffees come in 110-pound (50kg) bags.

In the cup, Super Grade Monsooned Malabar is low in acid, high in body, and has a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavor. This is the lowest-acid coffee in the world. It sells well as a varietal, but is also an excellent blender, helping mute the acidity of certain African and Central American coffees without compromising the fruitiness of those beans.  

One of the best uses for Super Grade Monsooned Malabar is as the base component of a classic Italian-style espresso blend.  Monsooned Malabar can supply an espresso blend with plentiful crema and allow it to produce thick, syrupy espresso shots.  The low acidity also keeps the espresso from becoming overwhelmingly bright or sour.  More importantly, the mellow, neutral taste allows the flavors of an espresso blend’s other components to stand out. While the unusual notes of Standard Grade Monsooned Malabar require that roasters limit its use to no more than 20% of an espresso blend, the cleaner flavor of the Super Grade version means that this bean can easily constitute 40-70% of an espresso blend recipe.

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SAMPLES:  We encourage Wholesale Roasters and Roaster/Retailers to start with a two-pound Josuma Select Sampler. Visit our Green Coffee Samples page for more details.

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WAREHOUSING NOTE: We currently warehouse select lots of Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade at The Annex. Co-locating with other coffee importers has made helped reduce shipping costs for smaller roasters as well as those not on the West Coast.