Small Lots and Micro-Lots

We can also offer the following small lots and micro-lots from the 2017 harvest.  In selecting these coffees, we asked Mrs Sunalini Menon and her Coffee Lab in Bangalore to help screen these coffees. All scored at least five points above the larger lots that we also bring. Except for the two Honey Sun Dried lots, all are Washed Arabicas.  One lot is a Peaberry.

  • Harley Honey Sun Dried (10 bags): We’ve been bringing honey sun dried coffee (i.e. pulped natural or honey processed beans) for four years now.  Most years, we’ve only been able to get 5-10 bags, all of which would get pre-sold. This year, however, we were able to get an additional 10 bags and can publicly offer this unique coffee. This one is a S795 cultivar from Harley Estate.  Cupping Notes:  Caramel, chocolate. Touch of orange, lemon, herbs. Smooth, delicate.
  • Kalledevarapura Selection 9 (5 bags): Selection 9 is one of the premier Indian varieties but can often be hard to find in the US. Much of what the leading estates produce is already spoken for. Our long relationship with Kalledevarapura Estate helped us secured this small five bag lot. Cupping Notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, toasted nuts, caramelized apricot.
  • Merthi Subbangudigy BBTC (1 bag):  This is a BBTC varietyl from Merthi Subbangidugy Estate. Third year that we’ve been able to offer this cultivar.  Cupping Notes:  Berries, citrus. Touch of milk chocolate, caramel.


  • [**SOLD**] Badra-Kerkeicoondah Catuai/HdT (5 bags):  One of the more unusual cultivars that we encountered during Josuma’s 2017 Origin Trip was this Catuai hybrid from Kerkeicoondah Estates. This bean pairs traditional Indian flavor notes with additional complexity. Badra Estates won a Flavor of India/Fine Cup Award (India’s equivalent to the Cup of Excellence competition, held at the 2017 SCAE Expo) with a lot of this variety grown at a sibling estate. Cupping Notes: Caramel, chocolate, citrus, nuts. Hints of spice.
  • [**SOLD**] Badra-Kerkeicoondah S-795 (10 bags):  This is a S-795 variety from Kerkeicoondah Estate. We were quite delighted with the five bags we brought from this estate last year and opted to bring a slightly larger lot this time around.  Cupping Notes:  Orange, lemon, red apple.  Berries, chocolate, caramel.
  • [**SOLD**] Devon-Badnekhan Avanthi (5 bags): One of the more complex beans we tasted during the 2017 Origin Trip was a brand new cultivar called Avanthi.  We discovered this at Badnekhan Estate.  Cupping Notes:  Berries, currant, orange, lemon, red apple, mandarin.
  • [**SOLD**] Devon-Badnekhan Selection 9 (10 bags): Selection 9 is one of the premier Indian cultivars but can often be hard to find in the US.  Much of what the leading estates produce is already spoken for. This year, however, we were fortunate to secure this lot from Badnekhan Estate which has won numerous Flavor of India awards for its Selection 9’s. Cupping Notes: Caramel, chocolate, toasted nut and bread. Vanilla, caramelized fruit.
  • [**SOLD**] Kalledevarapura Honey Sun Dried (10 bags): This is a S795 variety from Kalledevarapura Estate. While most of our microlots are washed Arabica, this one is a honey sun dried coffee (i.e. pulped natural or honey process).  Cupping Notes:  Citrus caramelized fruit, milk chocolate, berries, red apple, wine nuances, brown sugar.
  • [**SOLD**] Kalledevarapura Peaberry (10 bags): This is a S-795 variety from Kalledevarapura Estate. Peaberries. Cupping Notes:Chocolate, caramel, orange, lemon. Touch of nuts.
  • [**SOLD**] Merthi Subbangidigy Chandragiri (1 bag):  This is a Chandragiri variety from Merthi Subbangidugy Estate. Second year that we’ve been able to offer this cultivar, one that’s not widely available in North America. Cupping Notes:  Orange, lemon, caramel, chocolate, herb. Touch of green apple.
  • [**SOLD**] Merthi Subbangidigy Kent (1 bag): This is a Kent variety from Merthi Subbangidugy Estate. Temperamental, like a pinot noir grape, this bean has been hard to find in the US. The last time we offered this cultivar was five years ago. Cupping Notes:  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, nuts.

As indicated above, lot sizes range from one to 10 bags. Minimum purchase is five bags or the entire lot, whichever is smaller. We do this to ensure that only one or two roasters can offer a given coffee.

HOW TO BUY:  Call (650-366-5453) or email.  Review our Purchasing Green Coffee FAQs to learn how we handle green coffee transaction.