Mysore Mystic®


A Uniquely Indian Coffee

A Uniquely Indian Coffee

This coffee exhibits medium acidity, medium body, and highly aromatic qualities, making it a very balanced coffee. It does not offer extreme characteristics in any one area, such as high acidity (common in Central American and African coffees) or high body (typical of Indonesian coffees). Because it is shade grown next to a variety of fruits and spices, it offers a spiciness in the cup that is a unique attribute of Indian coffee.

This coffee is roasted using Single Estate/Single Cultivar Washed Arabica from the Mysore coffee-growing region.

When roasted light, the medium acidity of the coffee is preserved but the body is not enhanced. If roasted darker (i.e. past second-crack), the body is improved but the acidity becomes muted. Because neither roasting style is ideal for this coffee, we roast Mysore Mystic® to different degrees of roast– some very light and others darker– and then blend the components together to create an exciting flavor profile. This style is commonly known as “melange” in the industry.

The coffee’s highlight remains its unique spicy cinnamon and cardamom aroma, with a brightness in the cup that is unusual for an Indian coffee. As a straight varietal, the coffee is smooth and mild with a clean mocha finish. Flavor improves as the cup cools.

Ordering Mysore Mystic®

Mysore Mystic® is roasted to order and shipped the same day of roasting. Our roasted coffee is typically packaged in 5-pound, one-way valve bags. One-pound bags are available, upon request.  To ensure freshness, we always stamp the roast date on the bag.

WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS: The minimum order to receive Wholesale Account pricing is 10 pounds. In return for this modest minimum, we ask that payment accompany your order. We accept all major credit cards. Customers should call us (650-366-5453) to place their initial order.

INDIVIDUAL/OFFICES:  Pricing starts at $7.48/lb (plus shipping).  Visit our online store to review options and to place orders.  Orders of 10+ pounds are eligible for the lower Wholesale Account price. Please note that we only offer whole beans (i.e. no pre-ground coffee).

Roast/Order Schedule:  We currently make this unique coffee available just once a month.  The roast date is always the first Monday of the month.  When ordering coffee, please place orders by noon (Pacific Time) on the Friday before that month’s roast.  Orders received after this deadline will be handled on a “best efforts” basis.