Washed Arabica: Single-Estate/Single-Varietal Plantation-A Coffees

The label “Plantation-A” refers to the highest grade of Washed Arabica grown in India.

The first part of the name indicates that the bean is a Washed Arabica.  The word “Plantation” is the Indian terminology for Washed Arabica, with Natural (or Dry-Processed) Arabica being referred to as “Cherry.”

The second part of the name indicates the grade that the coffee has received. Beans are graded based on bean size and the percentage of imperfections. The highest grades of Indian Washed Arabica (Plantation Coffee) will carry the label Plantation-A (or Plantation-PB, for peaberries). To earn the A grade, beans must be between 16 and 17 screen size. Peaberries are limited to no more than 2 percent. Imperfections, such as brokens, bits, browns, and blacks, are similarly limited to 2 percent.

We typically bring Plantation-A in larger lots ranging from 20-100 bags. Each lot is a single cultivar (typically S-795 or Cauvery) sourced from a single estate.

SAMPLES:  We encourage Wholesale Roasters and Roaster/Retailers to start with a two-pound Josuma Select Sampler. Visit our Green Coffee Samples page for more details.