Purchasing Green Coffee: FAQs

Interested in purchasing Josuma Select® green coffee?  Below are some of the basics of how we operate:

WAREHOUSING:  We store our green coffees at third-party warehouses located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  One warehouse carries our full selection.  Two others (including The Annex) just carry our most popular beans.

PRICING:  We quote prices on an ex-warehouse basis.  Minimum purchase is one bag (100-132 pounds, depending upon the coffee).  We do offer price breaks for larger purchases.  Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES:  Our warehouses impose additional fees, including charges for loading out, palletizing, shrink wrapping, and/or strapping. The amounts may vary by location. We add those charges to each buyer’s bill.

PAYMENT TERMS:  We require payment prior to release of coffee.  We accept all major credit cards.  We can also accept ACH or wire transfers.

SHIPPING/LOGISTICS:  Once a buyer has paid for the coffees, we will release the coffee. Title for the beans will pass to the buyer inside the third-party warehouse. Buyer will be responsible for transporting (or arranging transportation of) the coffee from the warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area to buyer’s location. Buyer bears cost and risk of transport.

TURNAROUND TIME ON ORDERS: Once we receive your order, the coffee will typically be ready to ship within two business days. Orders received prior to 8am PT can often be ready to ship the next business day.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  Buyers located outside the US may find it best to retain the services of a freight forwarder in the buyer’s country. The forwarder can handle shipping and, more importantly, can work with a US-based freight forwarder to pick up the coffee from the warehouse and deliver it to the port. Working with a freight forwarded in the destination country (rather than just with one in the US) often gives a buyer greater recourse should issues arise during transport.

HOME ROASTERS:  Home roasters willing/able to purchase one bag can buy from us directly. For those looking for smaller quantities, we supply some of our coffees to two re-sellers that cater to the home roasting community:

  • 1st-Line Equipment (Malabar Gold Espresso, Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade, and Kaapi Royale)
  • Coffee Project (Malabar Gold Espresso, Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade, and Kaapi Royale)