Pre-blended Ready-to-Roast Malabar Gold

In addition to the roasted version of Malabar Gold, Josuma also offers the exact same blend as a green coffee in ready-to-roast form. It is packaged in double jute bags and can be stored for many months, provided the jute bags are stored in a cool, dry place. These beans need to breathe, so plastic bags or other airtight containers are not suitable. This blend comes in 100-pound bags.

The ready-to-roast Malabar Gold is designed for novice to intermediate roasters who might not have the initial knowledge or dedication to create a classic espresso blend—an art or craft that requires years of intense training. Blending for brewed coffees is markedly different than blending for espresso, as brewed coffee can accommodate a wide range of product characteristics in terms of acidity, aroma, taste, and aftertaste, whereas espresso must maintain a fairly rigid profile.

Malabar Gold is also extremely consistent. All coffees used in Malabar Gold are purchased in container loads from the estates where they are grown, picked, and processed for Josuma. All coffees in a container come from the same bulk; therefore, bag-to-bag variations are minimal. Once we select a lot for Malabar Gold, we preserve all bags in that particular lot for the blend. Whether we blend Malabar Gold in small lots or large, the espresso blend behaves the same way during roasting.