Roasted Coffee Samples

We encourage potential Wholesale Partners to start with a two-pound sample of the coffee(s) you’d like to serve.

This is particularly important for Malabar Gold Espresso, as you’ll want to use this to see (A) how the espresso tastes in your shop’s most popular milk-based drinks and (B) whether your staff/equipment can produce espresso comparable to what you tasted at our booth/demonstration.  (Download our Espresso Testing Instructions for a list of suggested steps to perform).

NOTE:  Prospective customers sometimes find that their first attempts do not produce espresso that looks and tastes as good as what they experienced at our demo. Should that happen, Dr John and his team can suggest adjustments to grind and brew parameters so that your staff and equipment can produce espresso comparable to what you tasted at our booth.


We’ll ship the coffee to any address in the U.S.  We usually send samples by USPS Priority Mail for two- or three-day delivery.

While we do not offer free samples (we charge $25 for Malabar Gold and $20 for Monsoon Medley/Mysore Mystic), we will credit the cost against your first purchase.* We stopped offering free samples because few recipients got around to testing the samples. Charging a nominal sum ensures (1) that only retailers with serious interest asked for samples and (2) that the samples get tested before the beans get stale.

* SAMPLE CREDIT CONDITIONS: If you order the minimum quantity of 10 pounds within 30 days of the sample shipment, we will credit the entire cost of the samples. Please remind us that you received a sample when placing the order.