Josuma’s Fresh Roasted Varietal Coffees and Blends

Josuma offers three fresh roasted whole bean coffees, which we sell to quality-focused coffee houses, bakeries and restaurants throughout the US (and parts of Canada).

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Our flagship product is Malabar Gold® Espresso, a blend of several coffees designed to produce an outstanding Northern Italian-style espresso.

Our second coffee, Monsoon Medley®, is phenomenally popular and produces a smooth, mellow, low-acid cup of coffee. We roast it using Monsooned Malabar-AA Super Grade beans.

Our third roasted coffee is Mysore Mystic®, a medium-acid, medium-bodied, aromatic coffee produced from single-estate washed Arabica beans.

We roast each coffee to order and ship it within 24 hours of roasting. Our roasted coffee is typically packaged in 5-pound, one-way valve bags. One-pound bags are also available, upon request. To ensure freshness, we always stamp the roast date on the bag. We recommend that you only purchase 7-10 days’ supply so as not serve stale coffee to your customers.

The minimum order size for each coffee is ten pounds (cafes/retailers) and two or five pounds (home/office). Pricing is at a significant discount to typical retail prices.

HOW TO ORDER: Call us (at 650-366-5453) or visit our online store.