Monsooned Robusta-AA

This monsooned coffee is the Robusta equivalent of Monsooned Malabar-AA, and the beans undergo exactly the same process as the Arabica version, but using the top grade of naturally processed Robusta instead. This coffee comes in 132-pound bags.

This coffee exhibits a very soft, mellow, clean flavor. It’s best use is in espresso blends, especially those using Brazil naturals as the base.  The primary benefit of using Monsooned Robusta-AA is that it (A) enhances the richness and persistence of your crema and (B) helps the flavors of the blend cut into milk. Using this bean also boosts the caffeine content of your blend and takes some of the edge off the Brazilian component.

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SAMPLES:  We encourage Wholesale Roasters and Roaster/Retailers to start with a two-pound Josuma Select Sampler. Visit our Green Coffee Samples page for more details.