Josuma currently supplies Malabar Gold® Espresso to independent coffee houses in 15+ states and some parts of Canada. While we’re always looking for new cafes to partner with us, we limit our growth to just two or three new accounts each quarter.

When lattes and cappuccinos start with Malabar Gold® Espresso, you won’t need to add sugar- or want to use syrup. Think that’s something your customers will enjoy? Here are the NEXT STEPS:


1. The Multi-Roaster Approach

For many independent cafes, the default model had historically been to partner exclusively with one roasting company. In recent years. though, forward-thinking coffee houses have discovered that this many not be the best way to deliver great coffee and espresso to their customers. Much the same way the best restaurants buy meat from a butcher, chicken from a poultry vendor, and fish from a seafood purveyor rather than all three from a single provider, savvy coffee houses have begun working with more than one coffee bean vendor. They’ve recognized that every roaster has areas where it is strong but also areas where it is weak. Some roasters excel with espresso; others with brewed coffee. Some emphasize classic “coffee” flavors; others fruit and floral notes. Some offer a constantly-changing menu of “seasonal” beans; other offer a more consistent supply.

All of our customers employ the Multi-Roaster Approach (and many have been doing so long before “multi-roaster” became a recognized term). Roughly half of our customers work with us ONLY for espresso. The rest also carry one/both of our brewed coffees. All will work with another roaster- and sometimes two- to offer other coffees (i.e. decaf, dark roast, and/or Central American and African beans).

2.  Avoiding Competition with Our Customers

Most coffee houses, particularly ones that affiliate with a local roaster, find that they’re competing for customers (and whole-bean sales) not just with the roaster’s own cafes but also with that roaster’s other wholesale accounts.

We’ve taken a different approach. Josuma is one of the few coffee roasters that operate on a Wholesale-Only basis. We don’t have our own cafes. We also operate a limited Direct-to-Consumer operation, offering only larger quantities (two-pounds for our brewed coffees and five-pounds for Malabar Gold®) through our website.

If you become a Wholesale Partner, we’ll be fully invested in your success because you will be our only outlet in your area.

3.  Getting the Right Espresso Equipment

Serving your customers delicious espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos requires not just using the best beans (such as Malabar Gold®) but also having the right tools.  The most important purchase is a top-notch grinder, with the second-most important purchase being a correctly configured espresso machine.

With 20+ years of working with espresso, a science-based approach to espresso, and close involvement in many espresso machine technology changes, we can offer unparalleled advice on equipment options and choices. Visit the Espresso Education section of our website, to review some of what we’ve published on espresso machines and grinders.

Our wholesale partnership with La Marzocco (espresso machines) and Mazzer (grinders) also allows us to provide customers with advantageous pricing.